Personalized Psychiatric Care in Rocky Mount, NC

Helping Others Help Themselves

Supportive Living Concepts has provided psychological and psychiatric care in Rocky Mount, NC, for over 15 years. We offer a wide variety of treatments for many conditions, including ADHD and anxiety, as well as mental health counseling for adults. No matter what condition you’re living with, we’ll find the right treatment plan for you

About Supportive Living Concepts

Our office was established in 1992 with the goal of helping patients cope with their mental conditions. Mental health is important, and many times, it’s overlooked or not taken seriously. Our psychiatric team cares about your mental health and is committed to improving your quality of life. 

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Finding the right Team for You

Your mental health is our top priority, and it should be yours, too. Supportive Living Concepts specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy and coping strategies. Each treatment plan is based on your mental health condition, medical history, and current medication. We focus not just on improving your mental well-being but also finding balance and structure in your social relationships, as well as your work and personal lives. You can rest easy knowing our office is dedicated to providing high-quality psychiatric care. 

What We Treat

Our licensed team offers psychiatric care for mental health conditions and disorders, including

  • Major Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • ADHD
  • ADD

If you’re not sure whether we offer treatments for your condition, call our office today, and we’ll be happy to let you know if our psychiatrists can help you. 

Schedule Your Appointment

Supportive Living Concepts is proudly accepting new patients. Put your mental health first and call our office today to schedule psychiatric care.

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